Are Women In Society Losing More Respect For Men And Do Women Have Too Much Power?

Over the past few years... I feel like women have been changing and not in a good way. It seems like society has thrown a lot of power at women, and now a lot of women feel entitled and act as if men are beneath them. In addition to that, a lot of women seem to feel as if they can walk all over men.

Lately, I have been seeing women have random sex with low quality men and at the end of the day they still demand a "good guy" who is successful and that "good guy" has to work hard to get sex that she gave so easy to the random low quality men.

If you look at child custody laws, it's all in favor of women. If a man is making more money than the woman, he has to go through judges to see his child and has to give his wife a lot of money. The only way a man can seem to get custody of the kid is by making less than his wife. This means that the woman has to be the dominant money maker.

I also see women playing men a lot as well. A lot of women will lead a guy on and have guys buy them free drinks... they will agree to go on a single date with guys to get a free meal and then cut communication with the guy after the first date.

A lot of women also make men feel beneath them in conversation. Women will readily text their friends quickly or call them... but they will ignore a guy or take inifinity to answer when he tries to text or call her... or they will grow short and impatient with a guy that keeps trying to talk to her, often placing men as a last priority.

I know that men aren't perfect and a lot of men are dogs... I understand that... however... I feel that women have a lot of resentment towards men, losing respect for men and are starting to walk over men.

I'm just venting here and not all women are like this... but this is what I have been seeing/feeling lately.


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  • Feminism was a double edged sword, it's good to go for equality but there's always going to be elements in society that take advantage of that to enjoy double standards. Elements like this

    • haha thanks for mho!

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  • ancient philosophers knew the nature of women. today we are just relearning hard truths about female nature.

  • No and no 🙂