Need android games, where are my android gamess?

i need goood android games *_* ... free android games lol
i know most of them are not wow or anything, but then again im not looking for something out of this world

i want it :
-(preferably) no in-app purchases... or if there is i dont have to depend on them to win
-kinda infinite, like simcity or subway surfers, or snake :P lol like games where you keep going on and on
-can be played offline
-(preferably) not gigantic in size

im currently playing simcity build it, i loved it... but to my dissapointment after a while playing it, its a pay to win game :(
criminal case was good but i had to wait an eternity to move make an inch of a progress
subway srfers was really fun and lasted me a while, but meh im over it lol time to move on, i have sonic dash now lol
the minions was a huge disapointment :( it was huge and it pretty much drained my data for a freaking download AFTER the initial download :@

soooo,,,, yea lol
i just want something to kill time and be fun and not very repeptitive at the same time


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  • Fall out shelter 🙂

    • isn't that gigantic and needs internet?

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