Can I take small candles on an airplane?

So I'll visit my boyfriend in Ireland and i have never taken a plane before so I don't know if I can take candles. I don't have much money that's why I want to take candles and rose dried petals from rose he sent me on our 1 year anniversary with me. I'll be flying Turkish airlines. I want to create a romantic night for him so I want to take small round candles in my carry on luggage. Can I?

I meant to say the other bag not the carry on with luggage and the petals will be dried


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  • Won't be a problem, don't worry. If you want to make completely sure, just put them into the luggage that you check in. But even in your hand luggage, it won't be a big deal. Certainly not the rose petals.


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  • Not sure about the rose petals and if the candles are small why not. If you want them in your hand luggage haha if not put them in the other bag