Does thinking and problem solving become easier the more you do it?

These last 2 days I have been exhausted after coming home from school but it is not the school work that exhausts me - it is the act of trying to build social relationships with others - trying t figure out what I should say and what I should not say - how I should act and how I should not act - I find this whole process weary and draining. For the last 9 years, it has always been social activity that exhausted me and not intellectual tasks - I find doing school work to be pretty easy - not completely easy - but a lot easier than trying to be an attractive and likable person.


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  • Well, it should get easier after some point when you memorize everything you have to say in similar situations. You won't have to think then, you'll just act.


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  • No not at all what you are describing sounds like either general or social anxiety. Even with studying the brain can only concentrate for so long then it absorbs it when you rest or change activities.

    With social anxiety the worst thing you can do is overthink. The best method is a combo of guided therapy to recognize troublesome thought patterns and exposure therapy. If you only ever converse with others once a month it will feel awkward and unfamiliar. But the more you socialize the more of a habit it is and the more you learn what works and doesn't without thinking. Trust yourself.