Do you think this will happen in the future?

I have heard that we basically already have the medical knowledge to stop ageing. So we basically have the means to live forever unless killed. Do you think that in the near future humans may stop having children and simply live forever or until the Universe ends anyway? I find that a scary prospect.


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  • If that happens, I think that there will be a lot of genocide. Besides People aren't going to stop having babies (depending on their age of course). Heck if I stopped aging at 25, I'd have as many kids as I can until I possibly couldnt bare anymore. But then the world would become so overpopulated by growing families that the government will probably actually try to have more than half of society killed off. Sadly It could turn out like the storyline in Captain America 2.


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  • No, that's actually not true. And it's also highly unlikely that this will ever become possible (I know you should never say no but in this case we can really be almost certain it won't be possible). I've actually watched a documentary about this just a few days ago.
    Modern medicine and science is capable of understanding what keeps the body healthy and doing everything to keep people healthy but all human cells have a certain life expectancy that cannot be extended. Think of it as a sand castle you build on the beach. You can try and make its walls really thick and strong but sooner or later, the castle will be washed away by the waves. It's something inevitable. Scientists believe that the perfect life expectancy of a human cells (especially stem cells) oscillates around 120 years. That means that in a perfect world where somebody lives extremely healthily and perhaps takes in extra pills designed to keep him/her alive and keep his/her body running smoothly, his/her cells will keep on working stably until the age of 120 years. At that point, the cells will naturally start to deteriorate quite quickly and there's nothing that can be done against this. And once your stem cells start to die off, there's no one to build new cells anymore. That again means that your organs can't be repaired and so, you will sooner or later become sick and die. They also said in the documentary that in the future, people will probably stay very fit until they're very old and then die very suddenly, rather than slowly. So contrary to the old times when people used to get sick and weak and would slowly get worse and worse and finally die, people in the future will probably be very fit until they're 100 or 110 but then suddenly die of a stroke or a heart attack or something like that.
    The main reason why we can't extend our cells' life expectancy forever are the mitochondria. A mitochondrium is the part of the cell that acts as the cell's power generator. It gives off the energy that the cell needs to work and keep the body alive. However, this generator is not immortal. It's more like stars in the universe. They shine for some time and produce lots of energy and at one point, they have reached the end of their life and they die. It is very unlikely that medicine will ever find a way to dramatically extend the life expectancy of these mitochondria.