Rant about something? What is something that goes on in the world that you dislike?

I hate it when a woman tries to get pregnant, but then cries and acts like it was an accident to get sympathy and attention...
Example: A frenemy of mine had a pregnancy scare every month for five months. She slept with a different guy every week and never used protection. Each pregnancy scare, she acted like she was so worried then literally 1 day after taking a pregnancy test that had a negative... she slept with another guy unprotected.
A lot of women that i know do this. Smh


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  • It's not much of a rant. I can't stand when guys can't communicate with you and tell you where exactly they see you guys going and for how long. Like, when you're not in a relationship and you don't plan to be in a relationship. But you're friends, and you may have some benefits thrown in there.

    But they'll willy-nilly disappear for awhile and when you've just about 98% dropped them, they pop back up again and things are back to how they were and I mean you're HAPPY because you thought they were just... forgetting about you and ditching you.

    But they don't address their absence, they don't address the fact of you asking them if they were saying goodbye or not. They just... start a conversation totally irrelevant to them leaving and you trying to figure out if they're trying to tell you they just don't have time for you anymore.

    Like I need to know. Obviously I'm disposable enough that you can forget about me for an x amount of extended time, yet not totally disposable because when I give you an out you ignore it and continue on as things were as if you weren't gone for as long as you were.

    AND IT'S FRUSTRATING. Because you enjoy them as a friend in your life, but is that something you want to continuously have to deal with? Them disappearing on you? Probably not. But who knows how often it'll happen?

    • ... oops guess it was a rant.

    • I know EXACTLY what you mean, girl. That had happened to me twice. >.<

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  • some days i hate my girlfriend so much. she is lazy, has poor hygiene, and is infuriating in bed, she never participates in foreplay and i have to do all the work yet she likes to look at animated porn that is the kinkiness you can imagine with lots of bondage and oral and everything like that yet she never wants to do anything like that

  • I hate when a girl says "why not just say lets fuck?" when a guy says "netflix and chill?" and then she turns him down, because he said "lets fuck", instead. I mean, we're saying "netflix and chill" because we're trying to get you to fuck us. Why would any woman in her right mind, say yes to "lets fuck?"

    • by the way, doesn't sound like your friend wants it to be negative. I think she's trying to get pregnant, so she can baby trap the guy. It's not cool, and he shouldn't have to pay child support just because she's not using protection

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    • Don't use caps with me. Is it that serious? Are you talking about my frenemy? How do you know if she lied about taking pills? Also, if I said contraception already, then why repeat me?

    • I'm telling you, she's lying about using it

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  • your friends are fucked up.

    I have nothing to bitch about... atm

    • Yeah, she's finally pregnant though. by the way
      And you're always welcome to post a rant here lol