What is the best thing about your day?

The best part of my day is talking to @joeman1252


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  • Today? Having a quiet morning ^^* my bum and arm is sore though 😭


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  • became a billionaire in pokemmo and watched the LOTR and Adventure Time cuddled up with my pets and snacks! ;) couldnt pick just one

    • Lol I kinda like when my Chihuahua sleeps in my chest its just so cute

    • i have a cat and a huge dog, so i have to put my legs out so my dog sleeps over my legs (she likes laying on legs for some reason) and my cat on my chest slowly smothering me over time >.<

    • Lol I also have a blue healer lab mix who lays her head on my legs

  • I ran through a puddle with my car and soaked some school kids.


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