Random question what movie is this I have described what it is underneath?

ok so basically there is two brothers and they move to a new town and there is a girl next door who the older one likes and the younger one introduces himself and then pints up at the window and says the other one is up there and she waves and he hides. The plot line is when the is a trapdoor which is locked and they decide to open it and a man told them they shouldn't have and these monsters come out of the trapdoor if you know what movie this is please reply because my birthday is today and I want to watch this movie


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  • Goosebumps?

    • No it's not I know goosebumps I know it sounds a lot like it but it's not thank you for helping by a answering

    • Maybe it's "The Hole"? (2009)

    • Omg thank you that it was it is thank you my brain was starting to explode 😂😂😂😂

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  • Monster House? If it's an animated movie then this should be it

    • It's. It animated Thxs for the help tho

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