What is your limit of anger if someone did any of these?

Slap`you, touch your genitals, broke your phone, scratched your car on purpose, showed you an unwanted nude, follow you everywhere, slap your mother, eat the last of your favorite food, insult you, calls you gay/lesbian, and tongue kisses your mom.

What is your limit of rage?

He also has a hulkish body guard, and you had but 1 hour left before he and your mother does that stuff.. Stuff stuff.. Your mother also calls him your future father regardless of the stuff done to you.

What would you do?
Oh and he only wears a thong with a green mohawk and tattoos all over. And a tongue piercing, nose piercing, 62 chest piercings and a piercing in an unbelievable place.

Worst of all, many people hate him, and if they find out you're his son/daughter then they get you. A lot of them are just as hulkish as the body guard. He's also hated by jocks, the police and the army on some occasions.

What is your maximum rage? GO!


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  • i could handle almost all of it, but if he hit my mom i am going to kill him and his fucking body guard


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  • One question at a time, otherwise no one gives a shit.

    • Oh, sorry didn't know reading became obsolete haha.

    • Oh it didn't no one just reads that much on here unless you do a my_take. you aren't going to get much opinions.

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