Do you think it's ludicrous that we aren't focused on our debt in the United States?

So if you're not aware, our national debt in the US has more than doubled in the last eight years to almost 20 trillion.
Our yearly deficit is in the hundreds of billions.
None of our candidates, Republican or Democrat, seem to make it a central point of their platform to do much about it.
I personally think it's pure insanity that lowering a debt in the TENS OF TRILLIONS isn't our first priority.
What are your thoughts?
P. S. European citizens, while I appreciate your input and opinions, please remember that many of your countries, while technically having smaller debts and deficits, in many cases these amount to a similar percentage of your GDP as ours do ours. Just consider that before you crap on the US. Please feel free to sound off on the matter in any case however.

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  • while it is important there isn't a easy way to fix, and it wouldn't be fixed by a single president no without drastic tax increase which if they ran their election on that platform they would never get elected

    • How about a commitment to at least cut spending to reduce the deficit?

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    • I realize that, but it's like everyone has just decided to ignore the giant cash elephant in the room.
      It makes me freaking nauseous to think about it.

    • it is easier to ignore the problem than to fix most people only do the easy thing

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  • One of the many reasons I am frequently ashamed to be a citizen here.

  • What's a few trillion among friends?

  • You know that we're fucking bullies. We're not paying that shit back. Every country owes money to every country. We just happen to owe a shit ton more.

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