What do you think is the difference between a Batman and a Superman?

Don't give physical or super power differences unless you wanna add humor. Humor is always welcome :D :D

Dig dipper into your answer guys...


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  • For me it has to do with Batman having way more credit than Superman

    He doesn't need special powers to fight crime

    He's human just like us

    Nd he's way darker and more badass than superman

    My vote goes for Batman, always

    Loved Batman: The beginning

    U get to see how the legend was born


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  • Hey thanks for the @mention 💗

    I have no idea other than the differences in their appearance and superpowers 😂😂

    Superman has only one weakness- kryptonite and he's from the planet Kryptonite

    Batman is from Earth and has many weaknesses oh and Batman has a Butler and sidekick ( robin) ... Superman has neither

    I am so intrigued to know now 😂😂

    • hah! you're welcome!! will tell you the real answer soon.

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    • i think i got confused in all the planet and earth and human talk... LOL!!

    • Haha yeah it should be planet Krypton hahaaha

  • Batman is a dark Hunan being dissilusiond by the evilness that lurks in the heart of man where as Superman seems to still think the him ans are worth saving i got ta say i like Batman

    • that's pretty intense... lol!! I didn't think of that way. Nice answer. i will tell the real answer later in the update. :)

    • Thank you again i love me some Batman

  • I can't tell the different!


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  • Superman is an alien :o
    And batman has a deep voice xD