Is accounting worth it?

I'm so confused about my major and how to choose, (senior year)


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  • You're a senior, and still undecided? Lol. . . Accounting is valuable, but try to pick another business related minor along with accounting.

    • Actually to be honest, it's hardly just me.

      I suspect a lot of students end put taking a major for the sake of, but then regret it later on.

      How are you supposed to know what to major in when you have never worked.

    • This is also why people do a general business degree as opposed to a major by the way.

    • Don't go with general business, you'll end up with the possibility of being unemployed after graduation. Your goal is to line yourself up a job, before you graduate. Accounting, Finance and CIS are the three best option related to business.

  • I graduated in accounting. Worked out for me!

    • But you're a consultant

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    • Where you a staff accountant when you started out? I was thinking of doing this, (start out with accounting then branch into consulting), but was not really sure if that is the route that is right for me.

      Accounting can really give you a designation and there's a lot of value in being able to understand numbers. But it doesn't naturally interest me. Consulting on the other hand does, but I know I will not be able to be recruited for this year, so I would have to both wait the next cycle and in all honesty, I've met people from some of the most prestigious consulting firms who do not really know what to do after they finish their 2 year training program

    • I started out in audit at one of the big 4, then networked into a mid sized consulting firm

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