Would you think a girl is dumb if she withdrew from a program?

Only to enroll in the same degree from a lesser program.

Sort of like someone who withdrew from a tier 1 school to go to a tier 2 school


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  • Well I don't know if I would jump to that she was dumb necessarily. It might be a money issue or if she works it might be a time issue.

    Sometimes I feel dumb for having gone to a really good school because when applying for grad school it really didn't matter where I went my GPA was my GPA. I mean if I had the same GPA as a student who went to second tier I would get in first but if it was lower it was lower.

    That said though now as a well seasoned adult I do appreciate my education and what it is actually worth in real terms. I got a world class education and while I don't remember every little thing from my courses I do remember the professors who shaped me and shaped my brain. Jesus I was lucky enough to study under a Nobel Prize Laureate who is the most influential physicist alive.

    The things you learn from professors like that aren't the subject matter of whichever course you are taking. They teach you new ways to think, new ways to solve problems and approach things.

    So all of that being said I would just really think about what you are giving up and why to make sure it is worth it. I did get upset with a friend who transferred to a lesser school second year to be with her boyfriend because to me I knew how lucky I was to be there and wouldn't have given it up for anything. But I wouldn't say she is dumb.

    • I got scared I couldn't do it. I was super-freaked out and needed some time.

      Unfortunately everyone thought I was dumb or that I couldn't do it, and it completely broke me because it was already my biggest insecurity

    • Oh sweetheart that is a really common fear even amongst the smartest people and sometimes more so amongst smart people. My first semester was extremely overwhelming I mean the professors expect a lot from you and probably a lot more than your other teachers have before and sometimes it feels like every other student in your class has it figured out but trust me they don't.

      Every student is going to have certain courses they struggle with more than others and others they naturally breeze through so you can't compare yourself to the other students.

      Most schools have ready access to therapists did you try that? It can really help control your anxiety.

      Decide which school is right for you based on what you want and how you fit in with each. Just don't doubt yourself or your decision and know that even if it is the wrong decision it certainly isn't the end of the world. What other people think doesn't matter.

    • Just work on your confidence and reframe the issue. You know you can succeed in either program and if you weren't smart you wouldn't have gotten in. You have an ABUNDANCE of choices at your feet because you are smart and a good student. Be grateful to have such choices and once you make the choice commit to it. You are coming from a place of too many choices not too few if that helps. ☺️

  • No, there could be many many reason for the change.

  • Some people might, but I wouldn't. Don't mind what other people think and just do what's best for you.