Why do people underestimate girls so much?

Everyone thinks girls are dumb and can't do anything.

I wonder if men do that to feel better about themselves because most of the pretty girls don't pay attention to them.


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  • this is far to vague to give any kind of meaningful answer. Also why do you blame men when it's "everyone", according to you, who underestimates girls? Perhaps the problem isn't with everyone else but instead is just with you?

    I dunno, again pretty vague question.

    • Nope I've seen this time and again. And the reason I say everyone is because unfortunately women are guilty of this too. Women cannot and will not praise another woman, so they tend to get happy when others think a particular woman is stupid because they think that they will be viewed more favourably

    • Sounds like you are describing relational aggression, it;s something women start learning by the age of two and men don't start learning until they start having relationships with women.

  • "Everyone thinks girls are..."


  • No I think it's just assumed because they don't expect you to know things that guys usually do or know

    • What do you mean?

    • Well sometimes we don't think your strong because your woman and I when a girl knows a lot about cars I'm impressed and surprised. Things like that

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