I spilled green tea on my bed so it came a little on my new MacBook Pro and then I blow dryed it like for a very few seconds and suddenly it gets off?

My mac is not turning on, what should I do. I can't tell me dad about this because it's new, I'm scared. Do you think tomorrow if I try starting it will it start?

It says usb devices disabled or something like that.


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  • Best thing to do with wet electronics is to shut it off immediately, dry it off as best as you can, stick it in a sealed bag with rice, and keep your fingers crossed.

    • I don't want to put it in a bag with rice, is it fine if I just keep it on my desk?

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    • Everything is fine now, my Mac is working properly. Thank you!

    • Hey, congratulations with that. Just uh... Try not to let it happen again.

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  • The blow dryer was not a good idea. Macs will sometimes shut off if the temperature goes above 95 F. Also, I hate to tell you, but the tea could very well have shorted out circuitry permanently. Liquids and electronics do not mix.

    Well, good luck.

    • Thank you for the information cause mostly I think it is because of the blow dryer cause how much ever water was there which wasn't much, I wiped it off and then I used my hair dryer just for a few seconds and suddenly the screen gets black.

    • But what do you think if it's because of the blow dryer, then when will it get adjusted to the normal temperature and in how much time will my Mac start approximately. A few hours?

    • If it's only because of the blow dryer, it should return to room temp in an hour. But if it's wet inside, the rice might take a day or two to dry it out.

  • You left it on while it had water on it before you dried it? Ya let it dry and hope for the best.

    • I wiped the water as much as I could and then I used my hair dryer just like for a few seconds and suddenly it goes black.

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  • If you spilled liquid on it, you need to take it to the genius bar.
    But water damage isn't covered by Apple Care.

    • Like not much of water was spilled on it, like very little like a few drops on the keypad and on the below and on one of the side of the Mac but I don't think that was too much water. I wiped it too. I think did it shut because of the hot air from hair dryer?

    • Sounds like SmoMan's advice about the rice might work. It could take a day or two to dry out.