Should I even bother adding her back?

I messaged this girl happy new year with a link to something. She didn't reply.

I thought she has a problem with me so I said we got off to the wrong start and I was just saying hi.

She replied back instantly getting excited and saying she was sorry but she never replies much asking how I was etc. I replied accordingly, and then she told me she was working I told her I was starting my own venture.

After a few hours she asked what my idea was and I responded. Then I didn' thear back from her.

I thinks he means well, but not sure if she's relevant in my life anymore or vice versa.


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  • I say just let it go. When she ready she will talk to you. If she doesn't than its okay. Move on.

    • I don't really think she was being rude. Maybe just got caught up in a work week or something, why would she bother replying if she didn' twant to.

      Sometimes I feel like at a point in time someone is not relevant in your life, but they become relevant at another point. Why ruin your acquaintanceships

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    • But sometime ago she was the one who came and approached me asking to keep in touch. I don't think she had to do that, (in fact at the time my reaction was... I barely know this girl).

    • What can I say? Some people are werid like that!