Believing in God & atheism.. What is more rational and logical?

Please watch the video and try to think before commenting :)


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  • I just think people should believe or not believe whatever they want but not make a huge deal about it if someone doesn't have the same views.

    • Lol i didn't make a huge deal ! I just want u to watch the video and then believe or not its up to u

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  • Atheism is more rational, gods are created by humans as a primitive explanation to natural events. People still keep this tradition. New discoveries in science such as quantum mechanics and general relativity shows that universe has weird laws, really weird. There can be many explanation, there might also be an intelligent creator, but I don't believe in this option.

    I'm clearly aware no religion is true even though I see the creator hypothesis as an option.

    • Lol really? so answer these question , who create the the sky, earth and the stars? who create seas, rivers and mountains? who create us ( men&women ) and why? who create the sun and moon?
      can u tell me what after death? If there is no God , so why we are here in this life? whats the idea&target for humans to be created?
      Man please think again..

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    • @CoolSky01 exactly.. well said man :)

    • As i already mentioned, there could be a creator, but, we can't say it's definetly intelligently designed by a God. This video is a hypothesis, but not scientific since we can't actually observe if there is a God. I don't honestly believe we have a reason to be exist at all. We are intelligent creatures, but still, we are animals with basic behaviours. We eat, drink, sleep, have sex, fight, kill... We do it all in order to survive, and pass our genes to next generations. We are more animals than we think. Just think about it, weed, drugs, and even music have effect on your emotions. There are diseases which make you do stuff unwillingly, just because an error on your brain. Humans are just meat with no spirit, concisnous is not real. All we do is based on our past experiences and our genes. Brain works to make best options in order to survive. Humans are like machines which are able to question their existence. Humans will share the same fate with broken machines, that's it.

  • Rationality and logic are methods for finding discrepancies and contradictions between assumptions or premises, they don't supply premises. Rationality can not address the question of the existence of God, only tell you if two suppositions about God contradict each other.