Why do people run away from those who don't know what they want?

As though it's a crime to not know what you want.

Like they're treated so badly

I mean like... if there's someone who is 25 and still hasn't figured it all out (I'm not 25), why are they hated on.

They're a human being who weren't irresponsible or bad, they just couldn't make decisions or figure out what they want because really who knows?

It's not wrong. It doesn't make them a bad student or a careless person. It just means they're scared


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  • yeah right? it´s allways like "i´m looking for a partner, who knows what they want"... bitch you don´t know what you want either so shut the fuck up! (sorry for the "bitch" but i never heard a guy say that).

    i guess most of us know what they want but not if the person in question is the right one to do it with.

    • No I meant from life.

    • haha jeah same there too. people just claim to know. nobody has a freaking idea of what he´s actually doing.

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