How to stop wasting time on closed minded people?

Going to put this topic under "other" because I don't know where else to put it. Anyway, I often find myself caught up in arguments with very arrogant people because their outlooks just annoy me to the point I feel like I have to jump in and prove them wrong. Or if I don't get the chance and I do stop myself from jumping into the argument (which is the most common case) I'm often spending the next few hours tearing the idea apart because it doesn't make sense.

This happens on a variety of topics but the main thing that catches me is when someone claims a stereotype, whether it be on gender, race, nationality, etc. that is so clearly exaggerated to suit their arrogance it just annoys the hell out of me. I'm someone who needs to have things make sense and based off of logic, which something like jumping to conclusions about people in the form of stereotypes clearly aren't, it annoys me so much that someone can be so judgmental and closed minded.

I'm not looking for ways to fight back or convice the people around me to agree with me because I know that's not happening and I'm not perfect so I can be wrong about things too. I just want to quit letting mine and other people's opinions clash into arguements that never seem to end. I just want to do my own thing but always seem to get hung up on these same people. So what's the best way you've found to keep yourself from getting locked in these arguements or going down these thought trails, or anything at all that helps you enjoy life more.

The worst part is I know I can't change them. And the saying
How to stop wasting time on closed minded people?
never really made since to me because I was taught to

even though you should

The point is I'm tired of wasting my time and want to know how to shift my focus to more important things. Also sorry for the cheesy quotes.


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  • I'm an idiot never beat no one tho you yourself are being arrogant right now by pointing yourself surveyor of all things logical? people are morons sometimes they're racist homophobes mysogynist vile little ball of self absorbedness and you by engaging in that game are no better and you may even be worse because you seem so effing smart and noble what's the pay off for you what do you stand to gain? What you scored point in an argument with a worthless trolling piece of Internet crap cmon? Man I'm an idiot I don't want you down on my level but I didn't need to drag you you jumped down on ur own son.


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  • First understand that everyone (myself included) views issues through the distorting lenses of their own past experiences.

    The least helpful thing you can do in an argument is to tell someone they're wrong. They will only call you stupid and then repeat themselves in a louder less civil manner.

    Instead ask the person about their past experiences that relate to the issue. "What in your life experience has led you to that conclusion?"

    • That makes a lot of sense and I try my best to do that and keep to safer kinder conversation. Although I do totally disagree I try to keep respect present but I can't stand it when the other person doesn't try to do the same.

  • Are you one of those people who must see every part of the pattern before you actually agree that it's a pattern?