Is my expectations the real problem?

I registered in a class almost a semester before. 1 week before the class started I was considering dropping it, but then realized my crush was in it. I went to class excited to see him.

He did come, and while peaking glances at him from the corner of my eye, I saw him give me a straight look which scared me. After class was over, I was smiling to myself thinking how it's cute I have a crush and I"m capable of having a crush, and almost excited. There's a dance coming up and I thought maybe we could go together.

When I was on my computer surfing facebook, I realized he had in fact deleted me a few days ago.

I just felt... numb. Like I just sat there for a good two hours feeling so stupid, unimportant and ridiculous.

After a while I considered that my expectations of people may be the real problem. Had I not known beforehand he was in my class, I would've seen him, and had a very normal reaction. Even if I found out he deleted me I'd have this, okay whatever attitude.


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  • Yeah, they is.

    • But then, had I not had the expectation I wouldn't have realized just how unimportant I am in other people's lives

    • Just don't carry expectation with you, be grateful for the lesson it taught you and let it go child!

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