I am learning how to drive tomorrow any tips?

I am seriously worried 😅 is it hard?


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  • 60-70% of driving is paying attention to other drivers' behavior and adjusting accordingly. Watch traffic patterns and anticipate what other drivers might be trying to do.

    Accelerate smoothly, brake smoothly, turn smoothly, and give yourself plenty of room between you and other vehicles.

    • Basically, notice standard traffic patterns and plan accordingly. Oh, and plan for stupidity - like if a light is turning from yellow to red, there's usually some moron who thinks they make it. Or if you can't see around a curve, give yourself an extra second or two in case someone hurtles around it. That type of thing.

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    • Always keep your foot over the brake when it's not pressing down the gas.

    • *when your foot isn't pressing down the gas.

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  • Nah. Basically, start the car, put the clutch in and shift to 1st, slowly build the revs with the gas while letting out the clutch. Takes a couple tries to get it, but it's quite easy. You can just redline it and dump the clutch too, but that's considered anti-social.

    Basically, when you get to about 3/4k revs, upshift. When you're braking, either press in the clutch for the entire time you're braking or shift into neutral. Downshift when the revs drop below 2k.

    Never, ever, shift from 5th to 2nd or something dumb like that. You'll pop the valve heads out.

    That's pretty much the basics of standard, if you're learning auto
    1. I am ashamed, and
    2: It's mad easy.

    • Nope I am learning manual

    • Then you are a god among a sea of automatic-Civic-driving plebs.

      I'll tell you how to do some fun stuff, too, because y'know. I'm irresponsible that way.

      Burnout/Brakestand: (this assumes you have a RWD car)

      Redline in 1st with the clutch pressed, press the brake fully in, dump the clutch in. Cur smoke and awesomeness.

      Drifting: (again, RWD is necessary)

      This is harder. Personally, I clutch kick. That is, approach the corner at about 3k revs, press the clutch for about a second then dump it again as I'm turning in. That should put you in a slide. Then you just gotta balance it with the gas and countersteer (turn the opposite way to the corner). It's mad fun.


      Basically like a brakestand, but with full steering lock and no brakes.

      Have fun, padawan. Thou liveth but once.

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  • Its so easy.

    Relax, and take it slow and smooth.
    How do you be cool? You be smooth.
    Smooth from the brake to the gas, smooth from the gas to the break. Smooth.

    Other than that, read your states drivers ed manual.

    Oh and for god's sake check your blindspots and use your blinkers.

  • stop completely at stop signs
    look at mirrors and make sure instructor sees you looking at them
    use your turning signals

    and I hope you practiced your parking

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  • This is all you need to remember


  • The brake is your best friend

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