Scenario question anyone?

If you were dating someone for the last 4 years of your life and their murdered someone and told you it was self defense, what would you do? Would you help get rid of the dead body and keep it a secret, or would you break up with them and call the cops?

  • Get rid of the body and keep it a secret.
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  • Break up with them and call the cops
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  • Depends on who they murdered. If it was really a case of self defense, they would be cleared by a jury. So there is no need to hide a body. But I would testify for them and back up their story!

    • If you didn't witness the events, your testimony would be disallowed for being hearsay. All you could testify to is what your friend told you, and that won't carry much weight in court.

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    • Huh... that sounds like a lot of drama to me. Sure, I'm always open to making new friends. :)

    • I apologize for my atrocious typing, I think my thumbs are too big and my iPhone always mistake my words and auto corrects

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  • If it was really self defense, I'd advise them to contact the cops and report the incident. I would not become an accessory after the fact or tamper with evidence, evidence which could exonerate my friend.

    • Keep in mind not everyone in jail is guilty... You would put your trust in legal system that convicts innocent people on a crime they haven't don't, just to satisfy the community and put a face with a crime.

    • If u were my friend and I picked you up so we can go to lunch and I lied and said "I need to make a withdraw" and I Walked into the bank and ran out with a sack of 100's you would go to jail with me just for being in the car...

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