Do you think the dating requirements for guys are just too damn high now?

I've spent a long time on here, And from that i've learned to be a guy and date, You need to :

1) Have a very nice facial structure.
2) Have an extremely fit body (Abs, Pecks visible etc.).
3) Have extreme confidence, Yet at the same time not so extreme its cocky?
4) Be Chivalrous / Caring / Respectful
5) Be taller, The higher over 6ft the better.
6) Be Older, Usually by several years
7) Have a higher paying career.
8 ) Have a nice house / car
9) Be nice, Yet at the same time don't be nice because thats 'Beta' and 'weak' ?
10) Be masculine and bland, Yet at the same time don't be because thats 'Alpha' and 'Douche' ?
11) Have an extremely expensive casual fashion sense, Usually involving wearing suits / shirts.
12) Must make the first move
13) Must plan everything.
14) Must buy her things to let her know you 'Value her
15) Have flawless skin (Because men dont get makeup).
16) Eh... You get it... Basically take any character out of a love film and make them a reality...

Whereas, A girl simply needs:
1) Dont be fat
2) Just cover everything with makeup
3) Don't be a prick.

I literally can only cover 4) and 14), Everything else i'm just fucked.

Does anyone else feel like the expectations for men are just a bit too hard?

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  • No, The expectations for men are perfectly realistic and expectable.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Here's the thing: yes, those expectations are unrealistic, BUT- I don't know any girls that actually have all of those expectations. I think it's okay for girls to have high standards, people are allowed that. But most girls aren't like that. For example, I would want a guy that is respectful, that I'm attracted to, and that I can enjoy spending time with. That's not a long list, and most girls I know don't have long lists either. There might be other things that turn them on, for example a guy being taller or making the first move, but turns on are not "requirements"


Most Helpful Guy

  • Just be interesting, confident and learn to flirt. Outside of that, take care of yourself to the extent that you're not fat or covered completely in acne.

    Honestly if you can make a girl laugh and blush, both within five minutes then she is all yours if you look ok. You're making this more difficult than it is.

    I'm probably a 6-7 myself and I've never had any trouble picking up the prettiest girls. Oh and for the love of whatever you believe in, stop buying into that alpha-beta BS. Believing in that altogether makes you Beta. Real Alphas would never pay a rats ass of attention to what other boys line up as cool. That's how you know they're all posers.


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What Girls Said 5

  • That's not what I experience in my own life. This is all a matter of perspective, individual situations, and the portrayals we see in the media. Don't forget to walk a mile in someone else's shoes before you presume to know what they're dealing with. That's good advice for people of both genders. We need to end the competition for who has it worse, and start working together and being supportive.

  • no, you just have to be ysf and find a person that will love you the way you are. If you love you then there must be some girl out there that will also like you the way you are. It's good to work on ysf to be a better person but do it firstly for ysf.

  • If that was true, very, very few people would even be dating

    • Very very few people actually are dating... Have you ever heard the 80% of women only date 20% of men?

      Only the best males get the right the date. The over 80% may have a short relationship here and there, But the 20% will be guranteed a partner for life.

    • Yeah no that's not true

    • The majority of my friends are dating, a shit ton of people I go to school with are, my brother always is etc

  • Lol, I've never heard of this list at all. But some people have big lists and it doesn't matter their sex. Today, people are more picky , nothing you can do about people are more shallow.

  • Oh dear. You got your statistics all wrong. Well, naturally there are bitches that demand all this but not every woman is like that. That list is very biased and you know it. You think it is easy for a girl to attract guys? No fat, no chubby, has to be pretty, has to dress and act feminine, can't be prude, can't say no to sex longer than a week. Tye hotter the girl is, the more guys tolerate her shitty attitude.


What Guys Said 4

  • First of all, your list is a general list that covers things girIs like but not all girls needs or even wants all those things. I think embodying all these qualities would make you the "perfect" guy but I don't think any girl expects someone to have all these qualities. They're just general guidelines as to what some women find attractive. None of these even come close to describing someone's actual personality which I'm sure most girls would agree is a very high priority.

    • This is exactly right. All of those qualities are positive things, but they're not requirements. No girl is going to refuse to date a guy just because he doesn't meet all of those criteria. We understand that guys are only human and they're not going to be "perfect". And we can be extremely attracted to guys who are far from meeting all those requirements. This list would be exactly the equivalent of a guy listing everything he could possibly dream up to want in a girl. It's not the equivalent of what guys actually expect or require.

  • Depends on the girl. While there are a lot of average women out there erroneously believing that they are entitled to a king, I believe that most women are willing to settle for an average Joe and in many instances even marry someone beneath their league if they truly love him. Case in point, my mother has always been such a 10/10 that people to this day believe she is my sister, though she married my dad who has always been somewhat overweight and blue collared.

  • Why do you need to date a girl?

  • This is a good list if she's a gold digger

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