How to become rich before 20 years old?

I have no job but I receive money from my parents.


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  • you would have to already be investing your time in something productive with the appropriate drive to do it. if you want to become rich before 20 dont go to college go to a trade school but for business. get a job and save like at least 80% of the money in an account that gives interest. because you dont really have to pay any bills itll be pretty easy to save the money. work your ass off while in trade school in both class, at work, and at home. dont settle for just passing learn everything you can and then some. make connections with people who are already successful they dont have to be rich or whatever just make friends with them for advice and they are likely to help you out. after graduating from trade school (its significantly cheaper than college btw) you can start your own business of your choosing of course you have to choose smart though something people want/need in a good area for it. with the money you saved from working your job/jobs you should be able to start your business and though you will have to pay off trade school it won't take years and years like it does for college.

    its risky but its possible. you won't be rich probably (because you waited till you were 18 to start working) but you will be way better off than most. then you can make the business last as long as possible my reccomendation would be save 20% in an interest bank account and use the rest to pay bill and what not. the money you save will pile up eventually.

    if you are willing to risk it you could also try out the stock market too but i advise do tons of research and look up a bunch of different youtube videos on it before buying ANYTHING.

    if your business goes good and nothing real trouble or debt you can go to college. you can continue on the path of business or something else of your choosing (something in STEM science. technology, electricity, math etc) a career path that pays good not a crappy major thats overpriced and does nothing! when you're in school i believe you can get any previous student loans put on hold from the trade school. now you can save your money even better you will have to work a little less though but its fine. work hard study hard make more connections and graduate. paying off school with the money you saved shouldn't be tough but dont pay it off all at once. before you graduate you should already be looking for a job in your field.

    • if you decided to stick to business and your previous business is doing well enough you can start another one but of course just like before you have to make sure the business will be profitable and makes more money than it spends and in a good area! you can hire a store manager over that store and negotiate the pay and what not its tough work but the main way to become rich is to have drive, determination, connections, and not fucking up.

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    • I'm still 18 and I study accounting because it's related to business. I receive money from my parents as little as $15 per week.

    • accountants make decent money its kind of a dead end job though and it gnaws at your soul.

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  • If I knew that, I would have been rich a long time ago

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