One of my bosses is trying to make me look bad?

I work at a convenience store that's owned by a family (there's 2 grand parents, the parents who are the ones who own the store and their 2 kids).

The parents and their kids are going away on holiday tomorrow so they sorted out everyone's shifts last week for white they're way. One of mine was supposed to be 8:30-1 on Sundays, which is one of my regular shifts.

Today when I was working, for part of the shift only the mum and I were working and she told me that the dad (her husband) had said to her that I might be starting at 9 instead of 8:30 for the Sunday morning shift and to just double check with him.

So when he came in I asked if he wanted me to start at 8:30 or 9. He got a bit annoyed with me for asking that and asked what I thought I should do in an angry tone. I got a little confusing at that and explained that his wife had told me he'd said my shift might be changed to 9 and I should double check with him. His wife then interrupted and said something to him in Hindi so I couldn't understand and kind of nodded in my direction. He then calmed down a little and told me I should start at 9 and kept insisting that I should start then whenever I tried to bring it up again after that.

Later I heard him talking to his dad about it, I couldn't make out what they were saying because they were in the back room, but as soon as they finished talking the grandad started making it clear that I was supposed to start at 9 instead of 8:30.

I'm just a little confused about what's going on and what's been said about me. I think the mum has something against me but I have no idea what or why she'd try to make me look bad in front of her family. Should I say something to the grandparents, since they'll be looking after the shop while he rest of their family is away for the next few weeks? Or should I just leave it until the family get back?

* the rest of the family


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  • "Should I say something to the grandparents" Naw since they don't own the shop + that'll make them talk to the "parents" which may make them decide to fire you or be "real A-holes" from then on, right?

    So I'd just work your shifts and go on about ya life if I were you ^_^


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  • I wouldn't say anything unless it was brought up. :-))


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