Have you ever fight with someone?


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  • Never, didn't have to.


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  • For fun? yeah.. only ever had to "fight" once, three drunk dudes got pushy with a female friend of mine, and didn't back off when she told them to.

    Wasn't really much of a fight, rather than me almost snapping an arm of the dude that to me looked like the one who lead the other two.. but beating drunk people holds no bragging rights.

    • White knight level: Over 9000 :D

    • @TheHooptyMiata In scenarios such as this, I'll take whatever battlescars the bout brings..
      Rather that, than stand, and laugh at her being miserable.

      Scenario in which my quick decision making can make a scary situation
      less scary, even if just by a fragment, I'll take whatever pain comes my way
      because if I did nothing, not only would the their prey be miserable, but so would I
      knowing that I were present and did nothing, which would make me just as pitiful as them.

    • I was only fucking with ya bro, if she wasn't into their attention you did the right thing.

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  • Yeah, my sister and my cousin. We used to fight all the time.


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  • My ex cheated on me, so I fought the guy she cheated with. Well, I say fought. Saw him in the street, so I got out of my car, ran at him and clotheslined him. Punched his face a few times, then when I let him go he said something cocky so I kicked him in the ribs.

    Not my proudest moment, but he was 3 years older than me (I was 17 at the time) so I got mad rep for it.

    • Eh, how barbaric, it's your girlfriend who was at fault here, you should have punished her. The guy was stupid for not pressing charges.

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    • @Holygirl01 You made a comment about my personality, I confirmed it.

      As for whatever you went through, boo fuckin' hoo. Shit happens.

    • Yeah as i said, from experience i know exactly what people are like. And i think i described you perfectly. You seem like an open minded guy, tough that's good i have to say.

  • The only way I know how is them slappin fights

  • A few times yep

  • Yeah and i knocked her ass out!