I have no social life?

So basicly I've suffer from depression and anxiety (particualrly social anxiety) for pretty much the last 5 years, I am currently 20. I've never had a good social life or many good friends but even the ones I've had I barely see because I'm too anxious to ask them to hang out now I bascily have no friends anymore as they moved on because we barely hung out. I'm an introvert but I've always wanted to have a good social life and a good group of friends who I get on with really well but I just don't have it. Frankly one of the main reasons I believe I have depression is that I don't live the kind of life I want to live. Its got to the point were I don't even like leaving the house anymore my anxiety is that bad. i've gotten better for short periods of about three months in the past couple years but they don't last. I want to have real friends who wanna hang out and I wanna hang out with too, people who make me feel at ease. A lot of my friends in the past were either not good friends or just superfiscal. I have two real friends left but we barely hang out and I'm always gonan be second choice to their other friends. Any advice? I'm really feeling like I'll never have the social life I want, Frankly its one reason moving to another country appeals to me as It would be a fresh start but first I'd need to be get over my anxiety and depression otherwise the problems would just replicate.


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  • Therapy. I strongly suggest therapy because this isn't something you can fix by yourself. You can sit and think about how you wish your life would be and dwell about it but that won't change anything, you have to make a change. This happened to me when I was hit by depression. I can relate to what you just described but I've been in therapy for two years now and I do live the life I want. It's never too late to change and it's never too late to start over. You must leave your comfort zone.

    • Well I've tried therapy twice before with little success. Have you got a any advice I can take away with me about what worked for you?

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    • Its hard to tell isn't it, I was only able to go out and have friends over on weekends, I would look forward to it all week and spend the entire weekend doing stuff. Now I get mentally tried from being social but when I'm alone I wanna be out doing stuff, yet I'm too scared to go out and do that stuff. I used to think up until recently I had made progress on my social anxiety but I think all I do was learn to cover up it when I was talking to others a bit. Maybe what I've been missing this whole time is a social life and thats why I've been so depressed because maybe I'm an extrovert, I was told I was an introvert by my family because I was so shy and they are all introverts. Maybe I was wrong all along

    • Well a professional would have to put that diagnose. There are a lot of different anxietys out there. It could be very much true that you are an extrovert. If this really is a problem then look it up! See a therapist or a doctor. Google around a little too if you don't mind.

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