What does it say about a person if the love horro movies?

My boyfriend loves horror movies and I don't particularly care for them. I prefer psychological thrillers and his favorite movie is jeepers creepers. Does that say anything about his personality or inner self? I know for me, I love psychological thrillers because of the suspense and the mind fuck you experience within the movie. I like action, along with something to think about but horror? Blood? Gory scenes? I hate that.


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  • that he's a cold bloded psycho murderer that's just waiting for the next victim


    seriously though, it says nothing else than that he loves the adrenaline thrill of it. And we all love that thrill, it's just how we get it that varies from person to person.


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  • It just means he likes a certain genre of movies, and so do you. There's no real underlying meaning to it really.

  • I love horror movies, but not all. I prefer more of the supernatural ones over just gore. I'm not sure what that says about a person. I don't want bad thing to happen, but I like watching people rise up against something truly evil and terrible.

    • This makes sense. Thank u

    • Sure, no problem!