What do you think about this video/song?

In this moment is great in my opinion but this lyric video is just so odd haha. The singer of this band is basically the rock version of Lady Gaga (but with better singing)

And yes this song is where I got the name Homicidal Queen from


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  • I can't say much about the text... I have my difficulties understanding it if it's not in German or Luxembourgish. That's why I don't care about it... it has to sound good, that's all what matters.
    And I like the music... sounds great. Didn't know that band, will check it out.

    the video... eh interesting :P


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  • It wouldn't be my genre of music but I see where you are going with a rock Lady GaGa - As I say a lot about songs and videos on the site, it seems to be a good example of that genre of music.

  • Kind of like lady gaga and Marilyn Manson had a love child. It's ok. I like their song big bad wolf more though


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