Can I get a work visa for russia without having to be invited?

Is there a way I can get a work visa for russia to be able to go over and work? I wanna be an English teacher in moscow and therefore am taking a course. But is there a way I can get the visa without having to be Inoted by a company?


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  • Ask your local consulate or embassy.
    Here's the website for the Russian embassy in Washington DC

    It says you need an invitation.

    • I read that but is it possible to get an invite from the person I am staying with?

    • You need an organization you are working for to invite you from my understanding.
      I think it would be best to speak to your local consulate if you don't live in Washington DC. They will know about this more than anyone on GAG.

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  • I think you can.
    Russian embassy didn't help?

    • Ni it says that I have to be invited? But by who? A company? A regular person?

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  • Maybe become an internation student?