Does any one on here know how to make crepes?

My best friend wanted some so I'm trying to make him some. My mom texted me a recipe but I'm struggling to make them spread out quickly enough. I also just got a nasty burn from the butter. Do any of you have any tips or tricks?


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  • Add a little more milk to make them runny. That helps a lot.

    • Thank you! I finally did that and it worked much better. I still am not doing that well though. My best friend came up behind and hugged me while laughing and saying that we can't call them crepes because it would be an insult to the French culture.

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    • Some women just are not into the mom thing I guess. I pretty much have my girl (8) full time which is how my daughter likes it and it's awesome for me. I can't imagine parents who don't want to be with their kid everyday. To me it's the best thing in life. My dad left my mom when she was pregnant with me and I've never met him. I just don't get how someone could do that to a kid. I was raised in a family of boys so I had 0 little girl experiance and since my mom is messed up (to say the least), I had a bit of a wired childhood. As a parent I was at a bit of a loss as to how to be a father, be one to a girl, and be thrown into having to fill the mothering roll as well- given my own mother experience was not great. Anyway long story longer, I love being a dad, mom and whatever else she needs. I'm happy to learn whatever I need to for her. She's the best thing that has ever happened to me! I love my wee lass!😄
      [sorry about ranting! Lol]
      Let's see if I can make a thousand letters... yes!

    • Her mom and I were divorced when my daughter was two.

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  • You need to have the heat at just the right temp, and use just the right amount of batter to very thinly coat the bottom of the pan. Coat bottom of pan with batter by placing the right amount in center of pan and tilting and rotating pan until evenly coated. Cook briefly til browning begins, then flip and repeat. Place desired amount of dried stools across center of crepe, then eat.

  • Use a little bit of cooking oil instead of butter.

    Lift up the pan and use gravity to spread the pancake all over the pan

    Start scraping the pancake from the pan soon after you've put it on.

    If that doesn't work, turn it off then on again

    • I'm getting better and I called my mom and she told me to use gravity like you did. But why cooking oil?

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    • Sorry. Sometimes I get carried away and add unnecessary details. Anyway, thanks for the help.

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