What do you think the white light is when you have a near death experience?

So physiological oxygen starvation causes agitation to the consciousness, and this phenomenon can't be dismissed to delusion neither. Yet over and over multiple people report to have experienced calm and tranquility when having near death experiences.

What is your take on this?


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  • I was hit by a car when I was a child, and I came very close to death. First responders at the scene couldn't find a pulse and thought I was already gone, and they even spray painted around my body for the investigators and covered my body with a blanket. When the ambulance finally arrived, paramedics were checking for vitals when I twitched and they realized I was still alive. I was in a coma for some time but eventually came out of it. I don't remember seeing a white light, but I did have a lot of interesting dreams. I think it's part of what happens when our spirit leaves our body. What happens after that, I'm not really sure.


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  • Dmt being released by the brain to ease you into death