Moral dilemmas: Who would you safe?

Thought it could be funny to see what you'd choose in this situation.

Your family is vacationing alone on a private stretch of beach with no lifeguard. Your daughter and your niece, both 7, are best friends and eager to get into the water. You caution them to wait until the water calms some, but they defy you and sneak in anyway. You soon hear screams of distress and find them both caught in a strong current. You are the only swimmer strong enough to save them, but you can only save one at a time. Your niece is a very poor swimmer and likely won’t make it much longer. Your daughter is a stronger swimmer, but only has a 50% chance of holding on long enough for you to come back for her. Who do you save first?

  • Save your daughter first; you know that your niece will probably die, but you can’t bear to lose your child.
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  • Save your niece first and hope that your daughter can hold on long enough for you to come back for her.
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  • Gosh that's a hard one, one on hand I could save my daughter but I would basically be condemning my niece to death, or I could save my niece and have a pretty decent chance of saving them both, but if my daughter died no sure I'd be able to handle that /:


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  • You save whoever is closest first.

  • Obviously niece. I'm always good with those 50/50 chances


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