Have you ever had a bad experience with MDMA?

Soooo the thing is I almost tried it yesterday but I was drunk and thought it would be kind of dangerous. I am a open, confident person and love to meet new people BUT two years ago I had a nervous breakdown because I smoked too much pot. I dealed with anxiety and agorafobia, also I couldnt travel with the subway or the bus because it made me feel very uncomfortable. Now I got over anxiety, learned how to control it. I moved to another country to study and travell with the subway and bus now, so there is no agorafobia anymore. Most of the people tell me MDMA will make me feel very good but also they told me that the first 10 minutes when the effects are starting can kind of overwhelm some people.. What do you think? Have you ever experienced anxiety or panic attacks with this drug? And would you recommend me to take it? Or better leave it?


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  • I've got a good bit of experience in this department. I used to go to raves all the time when I was younger. And through my own many times as well. XTC is bar none the best drug there is, but it's not something to do often. It can/will destroy many things. But like once or twice a year is absolutely fine. But the drug is so good, that many cannot do that. I had a friend who would pop that stuff every weekend. He would take 10 if he had the money to do it. And has done it. I don't do any of that stuff anymore and I won't ever take XTC unless I am with a girl.

    As far as freaking out for your first time. I have never seen this in all the years I had been around it. If you decide to do it, take half a pill first and then take the other half an hour later. This way you can gauge where you are at. And it's best to do it around only people you know and trust. And for the first time, do it with small group of people. Less people is better. At least for first time. In fact, I wouldn't recommend doing it with more than 4 or 5 people tops.

    And no do not drink beer when doing it or while you are drunk. You want to be completely sober. And don't take any other kinds of pills either. It can be very dangerous. With all that said, it's a safe and beautiful drug.

    • Thank you very much for sharing your experience with me and for the info ! x

    • You're welcome. Did you end up trying it?

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  • I've never tried it but I would like to try Extasy some time (MDMA was made out of Extasy. It's like a bad child. Exstasy is the better and more fun parent drug so to speak). Generally speaking, both Exstasy and MDMA are not very dangerous drugs if taken recreationally and responsibly (Exstasy is safer than MDMA as far as I know). However, this does NOT mean it's a guarantee that you'll be fine. Even if the drug is not very dangerous, there's still some risk that you might be one of those people who react very badly to it. It's like with pot: most people can smoke it and be fine but there's a small minority who get addicted and mentally fucked up because of it.
    I think you can try MDMA but you should be careful if you've already made bad experience with pot. You should definitely have somebody on your side who remains sober and watches out for you a bit.
    Also, I highly advise you to not mix it with other stuff such as alcohol. Just take the pill and nothing else. Not only will it be more interesting because you actually get to feel the real MDMA and not some weird state of being drunk and high at the same time but more importantly, it's much more dangerous for you if you start mixing drugs with other drugs or with alcohol.

  • C'mon man, you'll get bullshit on GAG. Try bluelight or erowid if you want something other than made up crap about supposed experience with molly.

  • Yes I've tried it several times and will never do it again. It was the darkest my life has ever been. If you trip on marijuana there's a good chance it will be a lot worse with mdma. I'm pretty sure the stuff melts your brain. Another negative aspect is tweakers aren't socially acceptable, for good reasons. Peace

    • Not to mention that everyone who used it I know told me it's pretty decent feeling throughout it, but feels like shit the day after.

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