Gags, how much hope do you have after a failure? Have you ever asked yourself this?

I am going through rough time at the moment. My relationship that was meant to last and be the love of my life has come to end after an awful discovery, my initiative with running my own business hasn't exactly taken off the ground in a successful way, so I am considering to put it on hold until a better time, I am completely broke and has been unsuccessful with few job applications in last couple of month, I live in a house share with two bitchy girls who just ignore me, my relationship with my parents are very poor (speak with my dad 1-2 times a year, and have a lot of misunderstanding with my mum). People who know me regard me as a good and honest person, great indeed according my ex. I am trying to live my life the right way and do the right thing and i know this is perhaps is the hardest way, but I can’t do otherwise... I have learnt to not create challenges but work around them... Despite of all the above, I am full of hope that one day I will meet the right man and have a loving and solid relationship, my business will pick up, I will find a job that will give me some reliable income, my mum and I will finally come to understanding each other, my dad will wake up and start valuing his relationship with me... I have always kept in mind that if things are bad it means this isn’t the end because everything fall into places at the end. I am not a drug addict neither do I have any unhealthy habits, I look after myself, I like helping others, I take pride in my appearance and know how to be a great company, I am educated, well-travelled, have good friends in few countries. I know what makes me happy and I do it to keep myself happy. DO I WANT TO MUCH OUT OF LIFE MAYBE, or AM I CRAZY to keep hoping for and wanting all of these normal things in my life (I do quite a lot trying to achieve these as well, just hasn't quite worked out for me)? Please share if you have ever asked yourself the same questions. Thank you


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  • Just know what you are going through right now is temporary and we wouldn't appreciate the good without a little bad. Focus on one piece of the pie at a time. If I were you I'd start with sorting out my finances and getting a job. I know the search can be frustrating but you should come from a mindset expecting rejections and maybe only one interview or follow up out of every ten to twenty applications.

    As for the Dad thing that may never change sometimes we just have to accept things and people as they are and make the most of it. Our parents aren't perfect people you can't control how your Mom is but you can control your response to it, rise above the pettiness.


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  • There's always hope because you have a pulse, as well as knowledge you've acquired over the years to guide you through a new path.

    I haven't felt like a failure in a very long time, at least when discounting romance. The reason why is because my effort is calculated, and when the cost of failure is too much to bear, my focus and determination overcomes each challenge. Even if results didn't go as planned, my effort was at 100%. No regrets.

  • You only fail when you quit. Don't quit. Find a way because there are always opportunities when one closes. Prioritize what your biggest issues are. You need income; thus, you need to figure out a way to start earning income. Number 2, your business. Do you know anyone in that industry? Ask them for advice or help on how to become more successful. 3) family; this is a tough one. Ideally, you would sit down with your mom and father and speak honestly about the situation.

    If you have 20 minutes and are in need of inspiration check this video; it always inspires me.

    • thank you :) like i said I am working on things to make them better, with my family it feels like i am the only one who is trying though.

    • I understand what it's like to have a rocky relationship with a father. My philosophy is that you don't need to be blood relatives with people to create a family. You can choose your family. If you have negative people in your life, get rid of them.

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