Is it weird that I don't want anything from life? How weird is it? Is something wrong with me?

So the thing is that I don't want anything in life, not even happiness. I just wanna live a peaceful life without worrying about anything, alone and satisfied. I don't wanna marry or have children, i don't even care about sex, don't need no money, don't care about money and greed. I just want to have a meaning in life, my meaning, which would give me utter satisfaction and freedom. It's not that i don't want to be loved by someone but I don't think that I would ever find anyone who will be with me forever (not with these thoughts in my mind). Do you think i need a mind doctor?


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  • Take it easy man. First of all, i never want kids or to get married either so we agree on that. Thing is, life brings people many problems so you can't avoid that. Second, you will need money not only to survive but also to fix most of those problems unless you are already rich. It is good that you are not a demanding person; praise for that! Strong character just like me ;)


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  • You threw me off when you said you want to have a meaning in life.
    How can you want to have a meaning when literally everything is useless to you.

    I think you are lost.
    You don't have much to live for.
    When you find your true passion or something that is worth waking up for every day, then will you find your true meaning.

    • i already have a purpose, i just need a meaning, a reason. :D I ain't lost. :) thanks for your opinion.

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    • Hmm ok, I thought you wanted actual advice.
      Okay well best wishes I hope you find your meaning, I believe you will you're still young!

    • I know. thank you so much. Good luck to you too.

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