Going on vacation but not staying at your hotel... worth it?

As most know I'm going to Houston in 26 days. My cousin is doing an internship down there, and has invited me to go with her and her friends to Galveston the Saturday - Sunday I'll be down there.

That is basically my whole trip, so I feel like I'd be wasting the $300 I spent on the hotel because I would only be at the hotel Friday night and Sunday night.

But she's family so I feel bad saying no.

What's your input?


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  • Can you call and make different reservations? You'd be calling in plenty of time, not two days beforehand.

    • I don't think so cause the room is paid in full already.

    • Hmm, I gotcha. I mean, I'd say there's no harm in calling and asking for a refund, but I know I'd feel awkward asking for that, too.

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  • That is a toughie - I would be inclined to go with your cousin - You honestly don't know how being on your own will work out and the Saturday night with a crew might mix it up - I will be totally honest with you and say I have no idea which way it will go.
    I will look at it as which is worse being on your own whole weekend and not feeling it or being disappointed that you were pulled away from your own thing to do something that may or may not be great fun,
    I think it says somewhere in science to travel the path of least resistance so in your case I feel on the face of it that going with your cousin is the least worst option but also has the possibility of being the best choice you made, you could have time of your life in Galveston.

    • I just saw other remarks - I agree with them see if you can cancel and rebook for fri/sun, there may be a fee involved but 26 days notice , you would think be allowed to alter arrangements.

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    • She knows it's a solo trip. Her mom, my aunt, offered to buy us both dinner if we get together though so i feel we both feel we are obligated.

    • But there is a big difference between meeting for dinner and being taken off to Galveston for an overnighter - You can still be very polite and fulfil your obligation by saying something like it would be nice to meet up for dinner one night if you are available but this Houston trip is about a bit of me time, space for myself no disrespect to your cousin or her friends but you don't think you would feel at ease on trip to Galveston.

  • Is it possible to find a motel somewhere nearby? I don't believe in spending a lot for a room if you're not going to be spending time in there or in the resort the hotel is attached to.

    • I already paid for my hotel. I'm not sure when they would refund me the money, and if I'd even be able to find a decent deal somewhere where I feel safe - as this is a solo trip - in the short amount of time I have.

      We discussed it and she understands that I already paid for my hotel, so we'll probably just try to do dinner before or after she goes to Galveston.

    • Refunds from hotels can take a several business days to process before the money becomes available in your account again! Regardless enjoy your trip! Get drunk! :-D

  • Well since you told farty that it wouldn't conflict with BW, I don't see the harm.
    It's in a month, they probably have a refund policy, or something.
    Unless you don't like your cousin ;)

    • I do.. but I don't know when they'll give me the money back if I do cancel it, and if I can afford the different rates for just booking Friday night and Sunday night. Because I got a good deal for this first reservation.

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    • Okay just a preference thing then.
      Context of the trip makes it clearer, do what's best lol

    • Have fun too!
      I know it's in a month but I'll forget to tell you before then lol

  • I'd wanna be where I'd paid to be and would expect them to understand that

    • Yeah. It'd be different if I hadn't already paid for the hotel, but I have. So I can't like cancel my reservation and then re-reserve for just that Friday night and Sunday night.

    • Tell them they may understand but its your right to get what u paid for and I'm sure if it was the other way around then they would be doing the same.

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