Can your Tinder matches see that you've matched with other people?

This is something i should probably be asking tinder but just in case there is anyone out there that knows i'll send this out there to GAG.

If you match with someone and start messaging them can they see you've matched with other people or have been super liked by someone etc?

Just curious


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  • Can you see if your tinder match matched with others?

    • Yes. Like if i match with a guy and start chatting with him and then continue matching with other guys can he see that i've matched with other people, or that i've been matched with someone that i've been super liked by?

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    • Could you imagine people getting jealous? It would be ridiculous

    • lol my exact thoughts and that would be pretty crappy.

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  • Nope don't think so... if they can then nobodies ever mentioned it to me