How can I start my job application process if I have little to no work experience?

I'm about to graduate. I never had a summer job because I have done summer school every year. And never had a part time job because I can barely keep up with school as it is.
I feel so overwhelmed. I had one short internship, but that probably doesn't count.
I'm going to see a career counselor at school to help me, but I'm afraid I will get no where with them because no one will want to hire me.
Should I take classes after I graduate at a local college to work on a higher degree and specialize more on what I am studying? Will that make me a better job candidate?
I feel so lost :(


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  • People are always looking to hire people fresh out of school... that's the point of an "entry level" job.

    Work on your resume and focus your resume less on your work experience and more on your other experiences that you've had in school. Did you ONLY take classes or were you involved in other school activities? Clubs? Volunteer work?

    • Yes I've done clubs and some volunteer work. I just worry I am less qualified than other people my age. Its so intimidating. But thank you, I will ask them for advice to help my resume stand out!

    • Google different types of resumes. There are some resumes that highlight work experience and there are some resumes that highlight your skills.

      Your career center will be able to help you more on this and there should be job fairs at your university. Use them both, that's the whole point of them. You getting a job is critical to the university. It allows them to market themselves (XX% of our graduates got jobs within 6 months of graduating).

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  • It depends on what type of job you're looking for really. Honestly, you would do well to take a part-time/entry-level job in retail or something like that in order to gain some basic work experience. If an opportunity for management comes up, ask about it.

    In the meantime though, never sell yourself short on your resume. If you were involved in any clubs or organizations or have any volunteer work, then include those, that is unless they were specifically focused on controversial issues like abortion or gay marriage. It's especially helpful if you've participated in major projects or had any leadership experience.

    Granted this depends on your work history, but if you do have anything that's applicable, describe it as best as you can. Quantify things as much as possible; how much inventory were you accountable for, how many people did you manage, how often did you meet sales goals... stuff like that.

    Indicate any other special skills, qualifications, or certifications you might have as well that relate to the job you want (are you CPR-certified? Can you operate a forklift? Stuff like that).

  • You need a tutor not a job. If you are struggling you need to set up time with your teacher so they can help your with you homework.

    • So, what happens when I'm out of school?

    • I work at arby's starting at a low level is something I did will I was in college. The fact you have not been hired before may be a hindrance. However if you show work ethic and eagerness to work that will over take not having a job before.

  • House and yard chores are experience as well, you just have to word it right.


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  • What I think is you should drop 40% of your classes in school and replace that with volunteer work.