Why can't I dream anymore?

I go to sleep see black and then wake up. I wake up a lot with no memory of a dream i have not been able to recall a single dream even after i wake up for a couple months now. I wake up at least one time in the middle of the night and then i go back to sleep to be awaken by a alarm. Im 17 is this something to do with the growning brain altering dream patterns and memory?

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  • It has nothing to do with the brain changing or anything like that. There are many elderly people who still remember their dreams every day. I am 27 (so ten years older than you) and I almost always remember my dreams. Sometimes I even remember two or three dreams of one single night.
    There is a number of reasons we remember or forget our dreams. First of all the bad news: part of it is genetic. There are simply some people who "dream more" than others (we all dream all the time, some just don't remember their dreams). However, this shouldn't frustrate you too much because there are other factors that you can influence.
    In order to remember your dream, it's important to not be too tired. From what I read and from my own experience, going to bed after a very long and exhausting day, feeling like a zombie will make it more unlikely for you to remember your dreams. You should be tired of course but not overtired. If you're overtired, your body will be too busy dealing with this and giving you back some energy. Also, when you're overtired, the REM-phases in your sleep (the phases in which you dream) tend to be shorter and the deep-sleep phases tend to be longer. So you do actually dream less if you're too exhausted.
    Also, don't drink alcohol, don't take medication (if you can) and don't eat right before going to sleep. All these things are a little stressful for the body and in the case of alcohol and medication, they also tend to cloud your mind when asleep. As for eating and alcohol, it's also not good to do it right before sleeping for other reasons. For example eating right before sleep is bad for your blood sugar and can lead to overweight. I'm not perfect myself and sometimes I eat a bit of chocolate before sleep but if you wanna live really healthily, there is a rule to not eat anything at least 3 hours before bedtime. So for example if you go to bed at midnight, don't eat anything after 9p. m. My girlfriend does this.
    Next, psychology also helps: Tell yourself before falling asleep that you really, really want to remember your dreams. It may sound silly but for me it sometimes works quite well. Also, you can consciously think about a problem you have or something cool that happened to you before falling asleep. This will give your brain food for thought... or dream ;-).
    Now something very important that makes a particularly big difference for me: if you can, wake up without an alarm clock. Alarm clocks tend to violently tear you out of your dreams and

    • confuse you. Also, they give new and loud input to the brain, which makes you focus on that and forget about your dream. Dreams are very, very soft. They're like raw eggs or a piece of silk. The gentler you treat them, the better (and more) you will remember of them. So, if you can, try to wake up in a more gentle way, for example by the sun touching your face or by somebody gently shaking you a bit (without saying anything). If you need an alarm to get up, don't use a radio alarm. Speech (whether it's a song or radio chatter) is a recipe to forget your dreams very quickly. A more monotone alarm is better because it doesn't contain any complex information your brain has to focus on.
      And finally, if you can afford it, try to wake up several times during the night (especially in the early morning). Because we have a number of REM-phases in one sleep cycle and because we only remember the last dream usually, this would help you remember more. You could even write your dreams down quickly.

    • This is amazing thanks

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  • I took a psychology course a while back.
    It is said that we always have dreams, we just do not remember them.
    This is why we feel as if we haven't dreamt anything, when in all actuality we have.

  • Well dreams are based off memories obviously. Scientists say we may have dreams A LOT more frequently than we think, but most nights we tend to forget them.

  • You do dream you just don't remember it


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