What do you think about David Bowie's death?

I just found out a few minutes ago. I'm devastated. Not because I was a big fan, because the older generations who made history like him are dying and we're getting further and further from the last century. In a few decades, there will be Holocoaust survivors and WWII veterans left. Not one person who lived through the Civil Rights Movement. Next generations won't remember Syrian Refugee Crisis. Early internet. It kind of scares me.


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  • I am very sad because I enjoyed his music and like @RaggaMon said, he is one of those last few people who actually made great music simply by being incredibly talented and creative, not by singing meaningless, exchangeable pop-lyrics written and composed for them by their ghost writers and producers. Many of my biggest musical heroes are unfortunately already dead... Johnny Cash, Jim Morrison, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Peter Tosh... at least good old Bob Dylan is still alive and well.

    Unfortunately dying belong to human existence. As a historian, I would say that this is why it's so important we keep records and we give our children a good education. It's important to not forget our history, even if the people who lived through it have already died.
    Now, as a little tribute to David Bowie, I'm gonna post my favorite Bowie song here:


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  • I was sad when I heard as well :/ so young. But apparently he was undergoing treatment for cancer for over a year...

    • It feels like those people are never going to die even when you know they will.

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  • I'm sad because the people who wrote music that was actually decent are dying out. Nothing in the charts today compares to his stuff, it's all dross. It's like as time goes by the standards get more and more shitty. RIP

  • Each generation will have their own groups of people.

    Yes there'll be no WWII veterans soon, but at the same time the last WWI veteran died in 2012. The last Civil War veteran died in 1956.

    The next generation will have people who lived through 9/11. People who didn't have Internet. Etc etc.

    There will always be milestones.

    • I don't remember 9/11. I was 4.

  • I never knew who he was

  • He died? That's news to me, how? He is so well known, isn't only 71 or so

    • He died of cancer yesterday.

    • Wow I didn't know, I guess I'm out of touch with certain news and someone down voted me too for not knowing

    • He was 69 I found out

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  • Never was a fan of him either but my heart goes out to his wife and daughter

    • I never knew he was married to Iman. Such a power couple

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