What would you think of me by this description?

I am 18 years old
-5ft tall small frame
-short brunette hair
-big brown eyes
-olive skin tone
-never have had a boyfriend
- introvert
-very nice to everyone
-sometimes people think I'm 15-16 years old
-always dress comfortable (sweatpants, hoodies, tshirts, jeans, sneakers, boots)
-enjoy outdoor activities but mostly (soccer, basketball)


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  • you sound like the girl version of me

    • ️️Yayyy that's cool 😨

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    • Woahh that's cool actually 😨😨 and I'm a bit creeped out and impressed 😂 and what do you mean they sucked 😂 and can you do soccer tricks? 😭😭😨

    • ahaha nice description of yourself though, and neither had the chemistry with me to make it work I was just meh -_-, and I can do a rainbow flick haha and sometimes I could flick it backwards over my head, and I could juggle a little but I usually fail at like the 17th one aha

      what is your username on here?

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  • You sound like a cute girl I would date if you were 3-4 years older ;-)

    • Aww thank you lol 😂

  • sounds like a nice girl, can't say much more than that with that description :)

  • I love soccer and basketball too! From your description you seem like a kind, charming woman with substance (and obviously one who puts fitness as a priority - that's a huge plus). You shouldn't have a problem getting a boyfriend. :)

  • Seems like a great girl to me. But personality is a big thing. Also describing your self and the real you could also be different. Like we can only imagine what you look like

  • Hey there tiny ;)

    I'd think you should try to get out of your comfort zone a little though. Otherwise you find yourself blinking and things that you wanted to be part of happened without you.

    • Yeah I should and sometimes I do feel like I'm missing on things.

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