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"I am Jessica, and we will report about Overhead Cost. So what are overhead cost, overhead cost are indirect manufacturing expenses or simply cost that cannot be easily traced. And there are three classification of costs in overhead, they are variable cost, fixed cost and semi-variable cost. As we all know, Variable cost are expenses that is proportional to the volume, it may increase and also decrease. Fixed cost are costs that remain the same and semi-variable costs contains fixed cost and variable costs. Here are some example of costs, in variable cost there are supplies , salvage expense. In fixed cost, there are buildings, taxes. And in semi-variable cost, there are repair and maintenance and etc.

The needs for overhead control, first is to reduced requirement. For example in a business you need to know how many workers are needed, for you to reduced cost. Second is to achieve cost reduction. Third is setting budgets and standards, for example a business needs to have budget in buying machineries, supplies and etc. Fourth is to have corrective action, especially when there is defect in some machineries or improper use of costing. And fifth is to adjust level of operation, especially in the changes of expenses during inflation.

The responsibilities of controller is to prepare budget planning and they give these date to supervisors who will do the actual planning. They also need to have proper valuation of inventories , identify fixed and flexible cost, work with industrial engineers who helps them to develop the budget planning and manufacturing executives who assigns price to the product


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