Thoughts of the Inexperienced: What is Moral?

So, I'll try to keep this brief. Basically, I've always had this policy where I don't fantasize about girls that I like. It's so that I don't build things up in my mind so much that reality can't compete. I even try to not think about kissing her. The most I'll let my mind get away with is hugging and conversations, but the thoughts get pretty out of hand when I'm right next to her or if I think she likes me back. I'm basically in a war with my own brain here fighting my desires to be respectful and my desires to be close to someone. It's hard for me to just say, "Fuck it, they're my thoughts and she's friggin haught," because that would require me to admit that I don't care about something that I feel so strongly about. I only recently started to think, "Huh. This could all actually be pretty stupid." So, what about all you cats and dogs out there? Should I keep up the fantasy embargo or just let it happen? Is it all worth it? Does this matter? Am I just an idiot? Do you hate my guts? Say whatever you want, I'm not gonna stop you. Just give me your opinion. I'm really tired of worrying about stupid shit like this.

Oh yeah, this doesn't just apply to girls I want to date. What if it's someone I only want to be friends with? That's actually a pretty important detail that I left out. Woopsie.


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  • You're a straight man right? It's normal to be attracted to women.

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