What is the meaning of this handshake?

This has happened to me on different occasions with multiple men with a handshake- as we shake hands, they flick their thumb finger back & forth on the inside of the hand while still shaking hands & looking straight into my eyes. Why the hell do guys do this? I honeslty don't get the meaning, if there's a meaning.


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  • On the inside of the hand? Oddballs. You're meant to do it on the outside so as to caress her hand. It is totally a very blunt and direct way of flirting or displaying affection (not necessarily both!).

    Well.. I guess they're new at it...

    • yes inside! so that nobody else sees their finger caressing my hand i guess. its very odd.

    • I don't know. I tried it and to me it just felt ticklish. I would assume they have a serious tickle fetish and want to figure out if you're a good victim...

      That or just flirting. One of the two. I'm going with tickle fetish though!

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