Really want a piercing, what do I do?

ok, so this is the thing. I already have the piercings most girls have which is the lobe piercing. But I want a second one, and on my cartilage, but my mom won't let me, not even on the lobe which is really unfair (I'm 14 btw) but she got her nose pierced in the fourth grade. I asked how come she got it that you d she said because she wanted to and she admired it. But when I say the same, she says I will go crazy and ask for lots more piercings, which is unfair, considering she got the piercing that she wanted when she was young.


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  • Well you can't really get it and have your mum accept it as she's already said no. So I guess all you have to do is wait till your 16, but when I was your age I had a couple piercings that my mum didn't know about I wouldn't advise it but hey we all make not the smartest decision when we're young. BUT I don't think there's anything wrong with a second lobe piercing, have you asked her why you can't?

    • oh i saw that she thought you might go ask for more, just tell her this is it.

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    • Oh ok, cause it'll seem weird for it to be on both ears

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  • Wait till your older to poke holes in your body ;)


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  • Cartilage as in what? A stud there? A hoop?

    • A stud there, nice and simple.

    • That should be fine. I'm not sure if you have to be 16 for that though. I got my two studs on my right cartilage the day after my 16th

    • Depends on where you live, I live in Canada.