Is telling someone to get over it about a death of a loved one rude?

My grandfather passed away last year. It will be a year this March. I was severely depressed for a while I'm trying to cheer me up and asked me to go places and stuff but I rejected offer.
My ex friend was telling me that I need to get over it and stop fucking crying. And then I was crying so hard that she shows me and told me, "Dana, would you shut the hell up already? Look, people die okay? it's part of life and it shouldn't be sad so you CANNOT be sad ALL THE TIME. Stop your fucking crying!" Truth hurts but you needed to hear it. She told me that two weeks after my grandfather passed away and just didn't care that I was hurt still. I still miss him

  • Wow! That was extreamly rude!
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  • Well she does have a point. Being depressed isn't worth it.
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  • Suck it up! Death is part of life! Buck up.
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What Guys Said 2

  • Maybe the way it was said yeah or their approached to it

    • She shouldn't have been so rude and mean. I know it's part of life but I still miss him

    • Exactly. She should have let you grieved on your own phase rather than force the issue of getting over it quickly

    • I know. People tell me it's time to move on and I can't be crying all the time

  • Two weeks of crying is extreme I would have waited for a month before basically saying the same thing

    • It's rude. I'm not the same since he passed away.

    • So I only have 1 grand parents left I know it hurts but your 25 year old yiu have to be able to function in society you can't take a month of work you'll get fired you have to learn to deal with shit and move on

    • Shit. That was harsh. You're just like my ex friend.

What Girls Said 1

  • I'm sorry for your loss. We never truly get over a loved ones death but with time it gets easier. The friend was being extremely insensitive and rude yes. Yea I'd've stopped being her friend too.

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