Should I continue my degree at a local college if I dont have enough work experience yet?

My major is art related. I need to showcase my work in order to get employed.
I am working on my undergrad and haven't had a chance to focus on my major yet because of all the general education courses I must take.
Should I continue my degree at a local art college (master's degree) and get more done so I can show my talents to future employers?
Or will jobs hire someone straight out of college? All entry level jobs still say 2 years professional experience! That makes no sense lol.

  • Go work on higher degree and do more major related stuff.
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  • Try to get a job right out of college with little work to show. And little work experience.
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  • Other (suggest below)
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  • you probably shouldn't have gone to school at all for anything art related to be honest.

    • Why? Is the entertainment industry useless?

    • i wouldn't think it requires a degree.

    • Every job and internship I've looked at require a bachelors degree at the minimum. It's different now I guess.

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