How to translate to German this?

How to translate this : "we the people will defend our country" to German language?



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  • "Wir, das Volk, werden unser Land verteidigen" would be the translation of equal rethoric dramaturgy

    • thank you, can you translate this too, into German This shirt is for true proud Germans. For those who would do everything to protect their own city or country and would put their lives for both and would give everything they have to defend it.

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    • you can just say "get your T-Shirt" XD 90% of germans will know what that means.
      but if you really want to say it in german you can sound informal, youthfull and cool like: "Hol dir jetzt dein T-Shirt"
      or formal and polite like: "Bestellen sie jetzt ihr T-shirt"

    • thank you check your private message

  • It translates to "Deutscland Sieg Heil!"

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