What are you most looking forward to see at the Australian open (tennis) this year?

So the Australian open will be upon us in a weeks time, one of the big 4 grand-slam events of the tennis calendar.
Like every other year it promises to serve up some memorable moments. Which of these likely moments are you looking to see the most?

Novak Djokovic winning again.

What are you most looking forward to see at the Australian open (tennis) this year?Andy Murray coming second again.

Nadal beaten by another up-and-comer

Roger Federer's brilliance and warranted arrogance

Lleyton Hewitt's last goodbye

Serena Williams win.

Antics of the legend's doubles

And feel free to add anything I haven't thought of.

  • Novak Djokovic winning again
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  • Andy murray coming second again
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  • Nadal beaten by another up-and-comer
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  • Roger Federer's brilliance and warranted arrogance
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  • Lleyton Hewitt's last goodbye
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  • Serena Williams win
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  • Antics of the legend's doubles
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  • Firstly I hope that Sijsling will qualify and secondly I hope the other 2 dutch players, Haase and De Bakker, will have a good tournament.

    • Sijsling lost in the second round of qualifying and De Bakker lost in the first round to Marin Cilic unfortunately. Robin Haase also lost first round.

    • sadly the dutch players aren't very succesfull at the moment

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What Girls Said 2

  • The fact that it isn't football! And I'd be hoping to see a previously unknown player do really well.

    • You never know. Unlikely though. Can't remember the last time that happened lol

    • I guess not at the Australian - I thought it was cool when Vinci beat Serena at the U. S. Open and was so excited in the interview after.

  • The doubles


What Guys Said 11

  • I would like to see Roger Federer win Australian open. I know it's a steep task for him, but this man still plays great tennis for his age!.

    • He lost the Brisbane final last week and said he had a flu from the air conditioning on the plane so hopefully he pulls up good before the Australian open

  • poor Rafa. I hope he can turn things around; he didn't do very well last year.
    I'd like to see Murray win instead. He's a pretty good player, it just happens that there are better players who tend to beat him (i. e. Rafa, Novak, Roger). It would be interesting though if someone other than these 4 won, like Wawrinka again.

    • I think wawrinka just got in on his last real chance but you never know what could happen. Raonic is doing really well. He's a chance I think.

    • Raonic's Canadian so I'll be rooting for him, and also for Eugenie Bouchard if she doesn't flunk out early; still waiting for her to hit her stride

    • Haven't seen her yet. She might not be here yet. Raonic took out Federer in the Brisbane final

  • None of the above.

    I'm so bored of all of them. I hope the new players will have someone more interesting.

  • I want roger federer to win.

    • Could still happen but he needs a good draw to be fresh enough to last the final at his age now

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    • And after the Chris Gayle thing nahhh I'll stay in the Caribbean. Lol

    • You'd be OK lol you're not Chris Gayle

  • Hm... I wanna see Rafa in peak form again.

    • Who is going to win the Roger vs Novak SF?

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    • I'm watching it for sure. I'm going for Federer but I'm not confident he'll win. I just can't pick it though, cause Federer had a pretty easy win against Thomas Birdych whereas Djokovic had 100 unforced errors against Gilles Simon over 5 sets but then had an easy win over Kei Nishikori

    • I voted Novak winning after he beat Federer. Even Nadal says he's on another level.

  • Roger and the Antics.

  • Where is the option for i don't watch tennis.

  • Go Djoko.

  • The end of it. This game is almost as boring as soccer. Watching grass grow is fun along side this

    • No, that's not true.

    • I'm glad someone likes it , I'm not one that watches it personally

    • It hasn't been played on grass since 1987 anyway. I don't think you understand what the game really is.
      It's an extremely tough mental and physical contest inside what is essentially a battle arena with everyone watching you the whole time you're on court. There is no team to hide in or rely on, no time limit and no half time. It's a race to the winning score and if the score is close enough then the match keeps going. You must beat your opponent to win. You must struggle to the end, you can't just score some goals and then wait for the time to run out because it doesn't run out.
      It is the ultimate battle of attrition and you need to be one of the mentally strongest people in the world to succeed at the highest level.
      The level of prolonged precision required is unparalleled in any other sport.

  • Nothing at all about it